Hangout Library and Activity Centre, is a fun place for kids and adults alike- here you can immerse in your favourite book over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. You can also take the books home to read at leisure.

At the last count, we had more than 10,000 books. This keeps on growing as we find new and interesting books for our patrons. And yes, we are very particular when it comes to choosing books. Our collection includes award winning books, books of popular authors and not to mention all the bestsellers. We have books for all age-groups and all categories (travel, cooking, spirituality, religion etc to name a few). We also have a good collection of regional language books.
To complement our book collection, we’ve a lot of DVDs and educational puzzles as well.

We’ve taken extra care in creating the right ambience at Hangout. So we’ve ample space for reading. We’ve got bean bags in quiet corners. (just in case you want to vanish with a cup of coffee and your favourite book).

For small children we have introduced the concept of recommended reading, where we suggest books according to reading level and interest areas of children. (in short parents don’t have to worry about selecting the books for children who are budding readers).

We conduct storytelling sessions to help children bond with books deeper and better.

Our underlying conviction and philosophy is that reading habit can be cultivated in children by providing them the right books. We believe in making reading fun and want everyone to fall in love with books.

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